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10 Stoic Principles for Being an Exceptional Team Player in Software Development

In the world of software development, being a valuable team player is crucial for success. The Stoics, with their timeless wisdom and practical philosophy, offer valuable insights into how we can contribute to a harmonious and impactful team dynamic. Whether you’re a seasoned developer, an aspiring coder, or a rising star in the tech industry, […]

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Most asked questions to a Muslim in a diverse society

The world has gone far with its craziness, mostly in a good way. People try doing weird things, and this is sometimes considered creative or thinking out of the box. Somewhere between the craziness and weirdness, you will find religion practitioners. Now, is it weird and crazy in a good or bad way? Well, anyone […]

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Never talk about the bad sides of others

We have had friends, colleges, and so many other people in our lives, and in a lot of cases, we sometimes disliked specific actions, habits, or behaviors about them. If we are very close with these people, we might have an opportunity to clarify such a thing. But it is often likely that you just […]

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How modern time affects human life

Now that I have already posted two articles related to money and the ego, it is time to talk about how these two things relate to today’s time and how they can impact the modern lifestyle. By the way, if you missed my previous articles mentioned above, you can still access them under the following […]

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How can your ego ruin your life

There are so many different concepts of how the human ego works. There are psychological explanations as well as religious ones. For me, at some point, they refer to the same idea. In this post, I don’t want to deepen into the ego concept, but I want to reveal my understanding of the ego and […]

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Let’s talk about money!

From a conceptual point of view, money is a modern medium of exchanging material value. In other words, I can say: it is a measurement unit that describes the value of some work done or a product produced. However, in society nowadays, money is one of the most critical demands people strive to own as […]

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