How modern time affects human life

Now that I have already posted two articles related to money and the ego, it is time to talk about how these two things relate to today’s time and how they can impact the modern lifestyle. By the way, if you missed my previous articles mentioned above, you can still access them under the following two links:

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What changed over time?

As time moves, the education system gets more advanced, and jobs are getting more complex where more advanced knowledge is required. The financial aspect also gets complicated, requiring a deep understanding of the bank systems, loans, interest, stock market, cryptocurrencies, etc.

On the other hand, several years ago, so many things were not even present, but now they have become a need or a must-have. For example, the Internet was not present in the first half of the 20th century. In the beginning, when it was invented, it was something special for a couple of large companies. At some point, it became available for individuals, but it was just a kind of luxury or something that only special people needed. Later, internet providers could offer the Internet as a service for every home and individual at a reasonable price, so everybody started buying it. In between, tools like email and social media were developed and accessible for anybody. Nowadays, we have become so dependent on those things that our everyday life cannot be imagined without the Internet because even our jobs depend on it.

The Internet and so many other things, like cars, public transportation, mobile phones, online shops, etc., have changed and are still changing our lifestyle.

What has become better?

By having all these new things at hand, life became more comfortable in so many aspects. People can travel faster, communicate easier, work remotely, and so on. We don’t have to care about our money getting stolen because there are banks, we don’t have to travel to work because we can work from home, we don’t have to care about visiting our parents every weekend because there is Skype, we don’t waste time meeting people because we can check their profile on Facebook and even chat with them if desired. Finally, we don’t have to go shopping because we can order anything online. So many more things have become better, and this sounds great. But…

What has become worse?

All the things mentioned above are great, and we are taking so many advantages in our everyday lives. But from my point of view, there are two main disadvantages. One is that there are too many new things for what we have to worry about additionally, and two, we have become too lazy from the physical activities point of view. Worries can lead to mental health disorders, and laziness can lead to physical health disruptions. Yet, these both are extreme situations, but there are also so many other side effects that can appear in between.

Here is the relation to the ego and money that I mentioned in the beginning. Now that humankind is informed, has traveled, has met new people, has experienced new things more than ever before, this phenomenon has become a kind of habit, and we cannot stop craving new and better things. This then leads to the desire for more money, power, and even dishonesty in order to achieve the desired power and amount of money.


According to some of my readers’ feedback, sometimes I feel like those topics are a bit too extreme. It seems like I don’t want to agree with today’s reality, but contrary, I enjoy it. If you look at the about me page, you will see that I am coming from living a simple life as a farmer and slowly transferred to being a software developer for Microsoft technologies. I know both sides of life and also know the differences. The modern world is our future, but we need to make sure we use it properly to our advantage to live a better and happier life. I often discuss these topics, even with my friends, because I have noticed many people have everything they need in life, but they are not happy. For this unhappiness, I consider that the reason is not being satisfied with what people already have, even if it is more than enough for what they need. In other words, many people don’t see the elephant in the room.

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