Never talk about the bad sides of others

We have had friends, colleges, and so many other people in our lives, and in a lot of cases, we sometimes disliked specific actions, habits, or behaviors about them. If we are very close with these people, we might have an opportunity to clarify such a thing. But it is often likely that you just can’t get into such conversation, or you have the anxiety that you will be misunderstood. So in this article, I will try to describe my approach for such cases in a couple of different scenarios.

I am fed up with the stupid jokes of a friend of mine!

Well, this is one of the most straightforward scenarios. I can sit with that friend and tell him/her that their behavior makes me feel uncomfortable, and I would please them to change their perspective. If they don’t understand, then they shouldn’t be close friends of mine.

A college of mine is getting very annoying!

Colleges at work can sometimes be very annoying. They can play as your boss even if they are not, can play as the most knowledgeable person even you see how bad they are, wait for the moment to show your weaknesses to others, and so on. Usually, there are such toxic people everywhere, but you always need to find an appropriate way to get out of such situations. However, you never want to play the same game to win a case like this. Winning or losing is not the point. Staying ethical and disciplined is. In so many cases, these people are doing such toxic actions because they think it is the right action for a particular situation.

However, bringing someone down in front of the boss or other colleges is never the right thing. That’s what those toxic people do, right? So we don’t want to play that game. Contrary, you should always see their positive sides. Not in a sarcastic way, but their real positive sides and try to approach them from that perspective. Not only will you make them like you, but also you will start feeling good with them. Such behavior will soften any bad situation between anyone, and the relationship will become better.

There is that guy that thinks he is always better than me!

Yes, they might be, actually. But not in every aspect, for sure. They might speak a language better than you, have some skills that you don’t have, but at some point, you must have a difference that makes you special in something. So, find your strengths and work on them. Stop trying to be someone else and stop trying to show that you are better than someone in anything.

I really want to let my boss know how bad is my college!

Never do that! Never ever! That is the wrongest thing you can ever do. Be it explicitly or implicitly, espionage doesn’t bring anyone a step forward in anything. If you notice that somebody is wrong at something, try to help them if you can. And if you are extremely upset and angry with someone, you can talk to your best friend and tell him about your situation. If you don’t have such a friend, open a notebook and write the worst words you have about that person and imagine yourself talking to your boss while writing. Believe me, after you release everything from your chest, you will make fun of yourself after a while when you realize how absurd it is to tell all that information to your boss.


I always appreciate the mindset of thinking positively, even in the worst situations, no matter how bad they can be. The perspective described in this article is an excellent way of thinking, especially if you are working in a small team. The idea is to respect everyone in the group, no matter how wrong or untrained anyone can be. In the end, we are all humans, and we all make mistakes. But mistakes can be corrected, and missing skills can be learned. We are not there to cause trouble for each other, but we ate there to solve problems and help each other.

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