Let’s talk about money!

From a conceptual point of view, money is a modern medium of exchanging material value. In other words, I can say: it is a measurement unit that describes the value of some work done or a product produced. However, in society nowadays, money is one of the most critical demands people strive to own as much as possible in life, whether they need it or not. In this post, I want to describe how I understand the world of money and how it should be treated.

Money as a need

This is the first level of importance that every person in the world deserves to own and use the money. I mean, everyone needs to pay monthly bills, buy food and clothes, educate themself and other essential needs. This level is the most common globally and is pretty straightforward for people that live a simple life.

Money as luxury

Beyond the needs, many people can reach the next level of importance and spend money on luxuries. They wear luxurious clothes, watches, or any other body attachments, drive expensive cars, own large houses, and so on. In this category belong those who have the destiny to take their lives to the next level and enjoy some luxurious advantages of this worldly life.

Money as an obsession

Let me call this the third level of importance and put there all those who dedicate their lives to money. They live to earn, but they don’t earn only to live. Usually, they are proud of seeing their bank accounts show as high numbers as possible, and that’s it. At this point, if you feel touched, just ignore this section and look at the next one.

Money is not a question

In the fourth and the rarest level of importance belong those people who don’t have to care about money for their entire life. Either they inherited a lot from their predecessors, or they earned so much money so that they never have to care about money anymore. They can have anything money can buy without thinking twice.

Money as a factor of happiness

After we looked at all those levels of importance of money, the question arises; can money buy happiness? Well, it depends! Happiness can be an entire topic for another blog post in the future; however, from this topic’s perspective, I can say it depends on what makes you happy in life. Mony on its own is not going to make you happy for sure, but the buying power of the money can make you temporarily satisfied if you are interested in worldly things that money can buy. However, this kind of happiness lasts for a short time because of the nature of material things that, with time, can get old and useless.

My opinion on money

In my opinion, money is an essential factor in human beings’ life. However, seeing money as the main thing in life is just a waste of valuable time because one can be so obsessed with making money and raising the numbers in the bank account so that you forget to enjoy its value. My own rule of money versus happiness is: “Happy is not the one that owns a lot, but the one that is satisfied with what they have”.

If you don’t agree with anything in this post, please share your opinion in the comments below; I would be glad to hear different aspects of this topic.

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