How productivity books are useful

If you are a productive person, or et least, you always try to push your productivity to a higher level, you might often end up reading productivity books like those I have mentioned in a couple of my previous articles. In one or another way, they all contain handy tips and productivity tricks. They teach us how to manage the time for squishing as much as possible to get the most out of it, and they tell us how to enhance our habits to get more effective in our lives.

However, at some point, after reading a lot of such books, I noticed that most of the stuff is repetitive. I learned the most important concepts of being productive from all those previous books, and sometimes, a new productivity book feels like just another story having the same end, and I don’t feel like I have learned something new after finishing it.

Now the question arises, why would I still want to read a new productivity book? There are multiple reasons. Here are the most important ones:


Because motivation often fades out after having a bad day or a failure, you definitely need some new inspiration. So, the more you read new books, the more you get motivated. One is the fact that reading a lot of books gives you that feeling of accomplishment. The other thing is that you constantly learn new time management techniques, and with that, you can enhance at least just a bit productivity approaches already known.


Another essential aspect is that you constantly remember how important it is to be productive and how necessary it is to push yourself into a more challenging schedule to get some more work done for the same amount of time.

View everyday problems from a different perspective

A different aspect of getting motivated to read more productivity books is that you constantly see other perspectives of solving similar or even the same problems. This reason actually motivates me the most to get my hands into new productivity books.


I know many people who really enjoy reading books instead of watching TV or scrolling through social media in the evening. So why not use that time in a more productive way instead of wasting it? Another way of consuming productivity books is by listening to them as audiobooks. Actually, this is my favorite way, and I always listen to such books when I work out or go for a walk in nature.


To generalize the topic, reading or listening to productivity books constantly improves your productivity in one or another way. If not drastically, at least for a bit with every finished book. The fact that doing the same things at work, again and again, gets boring or uninteresting at some point. So for me, those books always help me view my time management problems and bad habits from many aspects and then try to resolve them using the best approach possible and push my good habits to the next level.

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